Diana Z. of Divine Secrets Beauty & Spa is committed to educating and training other professionals as an overall effort to serve humankind with the best techniques and methods from around the world. Diana Z. is a well sought after presenter and is known for her authentic fusion techniques. Individual and group training opportunities available.


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Fusion Techniques Training
(2 day, 10 hours)
$2700 per person

Day 1 (5 hours)
– Origin of the Lymphatic System 
– Review of the Cardiovascular System
– Review of the Lymphatic Physiology and Anatomy of the Lymphatic System
– Pathophysiology Classification
– Evaluation of the edema
– Benefits of DLM
– Overview of the Inflammatory Process
– Overview of Treatment
– Application of DLM with other techniques to create customized services.

Day 2 (5 hours)
– Overview of the Fusion Technique
– Technical application of (hands-on) Fusion Technique 
-Certificate of Completion


Deposit non refundable


Rehabilitación Postquirúrgica (Virtual 4 horas)

Esta clase es exclusiva para profesionales que deseen a actualizarse en posoperatorio avanzado, práctico y moderno. Siempre respetando la fundación, integridad y anatomía del cuerpo humano.
Veremos las tres facetas de rehabilitación y como crear una fusión de técnicas que ayudaran a personalizar tus tratamientos en cabina:

*Inmediato – manejo de presión adecuado y aparatología.

*Intermedio – manejo de presión adecuado con gua-sha y madero terapia.

*Avanzado – combinación de técnicas, aparatología para acentuar y definir la figura.

Fecha: Lunes 15 de Noviembre vía Zoom
900 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Costo: $1,350.00 (no reembolsable)

*Por favor leer términos y condiciones antes de inscribirse*

Other Opportunities


Basic of Business to start up – $5.500

Coaching will be for a month, meetings will be online once a week for five hours each meeting.

– How to start a business
– Understanding of your vision
– Business Plan – Foundation
– Business Location
– Business Identity

Built and rebrand your Business – $15.500

Coaching will be for three months, once a week for five to eight hours each meeting and constant communication with Diana and team.

– Meeting in your business
– How to start a business
– Understanding of your vision
– Business Plan
– Foundation
– Business Location
– Business Identity
– Set up, develop and execute plan
– Organization of work area and environment
– Service Menu
– Update on products and protocols
– Website assistance
– Documents and Consents
– Forms and Policies
– Social Media Approach
– Staff Management
– Logos and Business Card

bio & message


Diana Zapata, the creator of Fusion Techniques, was born in Medellin, Colombia. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse and Medical Esthetician for nearly 8 years. She is also the Owner of Divine Secrets Beauty & Spa in Wethersfield, Connecticut and the Creator of the New Moon and Essential Secrets product line.
Her training and experience have allowed her to create a compilation of techniques and modalities that derive from the local/international trainings and enrichment seminars that she has attended. Additionally, she has created her very own fusion techniques. Her specialties include but are not limited to Fusion Techniques from all over the World, Post-Op Care, Lymphatic Massage, Skin Health, Wood Therapy, Body Contouring and more.
It is an honor for me to be able to share my knowledge with other professionals in the field of aesthetics. Essentially, giving value to your practices is of great satisfaction as it has always been my goal to inspire and promote an integral, Hollistic aesthetic experience.  Aesthetics is not just a job to me it is a passion as I believe in treating every client’s body like it is my own. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients improve their natural beauty. Organically, my next step was to harmonize my training and experience to share with other professionals in an overall effort to best serve our clients. Honor your authenticity, go step by step, learn the process, dare to fuse, and enjoy your work so that your clients will enjoy the results.
~ Diana Z.

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