Shadowing Day


1-1 Shadowing Day

If having the opportunity to witness precise body sculpting techniques by Diana Zapata interests you, then our Shadow Days are what you’ve been waiting for.

Shadowing an experienced Body sculpting expert is the best way to learn more about the field if you are thinking of a career in this industry, or if you are keen to observe more treatments, procedures, and techniques as part of your own development.

At Divine Secrets you will get the opportunity to spend five hours in a Med Spa with our Medical esthetician Diana Zapata.

In the shadowing program you will observe how Diana interacts with her patients, performs consultations and procedures as she carries out her appointments on designated days!

There will be an opportunity to ask questions (not in front of a patient) to gain an understanding of techniques, managing the patient, marketing questions, discuss cases, complication management, business improvement or anything else that you may have questions about.

  • A shadowing day does not involve any practice; observation only.
  • Participants will not treat any patients on the shadowing day
  • Only techniques used by Diana will be demonstrated on the
  • Shadow/Observation Days are limited to 1-2 attendees per
  • These days are completely individualised to you and your needs.
  • Previous experience and what you are wanting to gain from this course will be discussed so a learning lesson plan can be created with you in mind.
  • Each shadow session typically lasts 5 hours.


  • $750 for 5 hours (4 Patients) (This includes 1 hour Q&A time with the practitioner)

About Diana:

Diana Zapata, the creator of Fusion Techniques, was born in Medellin, Colombia. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse and Medical Esthetician for nearly 8 years. She is also the Owner of Divine Secrets Beauty & Spa in Wethersfield, Connecticut and the Creator of the New Moon and Essential Secrets product line.
Her training and experience have allowed her to create a compilation of techniques and modalities that derive from the local/international trainings and enrichment seminars that she has attended. Additionally, she has created her very own fusion techniques. Her specialties include but are not limited to Fusion Techniques from all over the World, Post-Op Care, Lymphatic Massage, Skin Health, Wood Therapy, Body Contouring and more.

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