Sonopulse (1 MHz and 3 MHz) is equipment microcontrolled by therapeutic ultrasound, designed for esthetics and physical rehabilitation treatments.


Biological Effects

It increases the membrane’s permeability, enhancing the transference of fluids and nutrients to the tissues and cells.

Chemical Reactions
Vibrations stimulate the tissue to increase the reactions and the local chemical’s processes.

Mechanical Effects
Micro-massage effects that increase the cellular metabolism, blood flow and the oxygen supply.

Thermic Effects
Along with the micro-massage occurs a local temperature increase, resulting from the kinetics conversion in heat by the tissues.

The therapeutic ultrasound (1MHz) is normally indicated for:

    •  Increased range of motion of joints contractures using heat associated with stretching techniques.
    • Local blood flow increase.
    • Spasms reduction.
    • Pain relief.

Pain Relief, muscular spasm and articular contracture may be associated with:

    • Myositis.
    • Soft tissue injury.
    •  Shortening of post-injury and scar tendons.
    • Adhesive capsulitis.
    • Bursitis with slight calcification.

Chronical pain relief and articular contractures resulting of:

    • Capsular tension.
    • Capsular scars.

Aesthetic treatments (3MHz):

    • Localized fat.
    • Cellulite.
    • Post-Abdominoplasty.
    • Post-Liposuction.
    • Fibrosis.

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